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Last Updated: Sep 11, 2014 03:45PM EDT
Broadcast gives you the opportunity to hop on the air and hand-pick the tunes you’d like to serve up to listeners across the web. Head to Grooveshark now and start Broadcasting.

What is Broadcast?

Grooveshark strives to be the best music sharing service on the planet. Broadcasting can quickly be described as sharing what you’re listening to with your fellow music lovers in real-time.

Tuning in to a Broadcast is like letting someone else DJ for you.


Broadcast on HTML5 - Quick Facts

  • The HTML5 website will have a list of top broadcasts on the homepage and all broadcasts that are currently on the site will be accessible via the broadcasts page or by going directly to a user's page. 
  • We are unable to show chat or let you create a broadcast but you can view the last 30 songs played. 
  • You can filter the broadcasts page by top-level genres. Users can join them whether they are logged in or not. 
  • If you lose connection on your phone, we don't yet reconnect for you...yet.
  • On the web, logged in mobile users will show up in the listeners lightbox. The only functionality available on single broadcasts is to join or follow the broadcaster. 
  • Gingerbread versions of Android will not yet support html5 broadcasts. We're trying but, no promises!
  • Available on Android 4.0+ and iOS5.1+ using Android stock browser, Chrome or Safari on

Using Broadcast on a Computer
What is the leaderboard button on the Broadcasts page about?
You are now able to see which broadcaster has been jamming the most! We made it so you can narrow down the results to specific genres and time periods. To check out the leaderboard, head over to the Broadcasts page and click on the "Leaderboard" button.

How do I start a broadcast?
To begin broadcasting, click the "Start Broadcast" button in the bottom right of your queue at any time. If you already have songs in your queue, it will start broadcasting with those songs. If your queue is empty, you can start the broadcast and then add songs to the queue as you go.

How do I make my broadcast so only my Grooveshark friends can join?
If you only want users you are following on Grooveshark to be able to join your broadcast, please had over to Preferences and change your Online Visibility to Friends only and Save Changes. Once this is done, only users you are following can access your broadcast page.

How do I make my broadcast private so no one else can join?
If you do not want anyone to join your broadcast, please had over to Preferences and change your Online Visibility to Private and Save Changes. Once this is done, you will be the only one in your broadcast. No other users can join.

How do I change the name and description of my broadcast?
To change the name of your broadcast, click on the current title. This will open a text field. Just type in the new name and click out of the text box. The same is true for the description area - click and type! You can also click "Edit", input a new name and/or type in something snazzy for your description before choosing to save the changes.

How do I change the picture for my broadcast?
To change your Broadcast's image, go to your broadcast page and click on "Edit". Then, select "Upload Image". Please make sure to comply with our Terms of Service before assigning an image to your broadcast. Once done, choose "Save Changes".

How do I assign a genre tag to my broadcast?
On the broadcast page, you can click on the genre tag and use the drop down. You can also do this by clicking "Edit" and selecting the drop down arrow for "Category" to select a genre.

How do I add songs to my broadcast?
Easy! We've included an "Add Song" option on the broadcast page for you to search for songs, or you can browse the site and drag and drop songs into your queue like normal.

How do I shuffle the songs in my broadcast?
You can click on the "Shuffle" icon to randomize the songs in your queue while broadcasting. You will receive a notification to let you know the songs have been shuffled. You can also click on the notification to undo shuffle in case you change your mind or prefer your original queue order.

Can I transfer my broadcast controls to another user?
Yes! You can do this by clicking on "Listeners" then the gear icon next to the user you want to hand your broadcast over to and choose "Transfer Broadcast". Once that user accepts the broadcast they will gain complete control over it. You can also do this in the Chat section - hover over the user, click the gear icon, transfer broadcast. 

Who can see my broadcast?
Anyone can see it unless you make it private. Your broadcast is more likely to show up on the main Broadcasts page if it's popular. So get some listeners if you want the top Broadcast on the homepage.

Why isn't my broadcast showing under the Broadcasts page?
The Broadcasts page currently only shows a large sample of active broadcasts. You cannot see your own broadcast on the broadcast page, but others can. Tips & Facts about the Broadcasts page:
-There are 30 broadcasts allowed per genre (30 rap, 30 rock...)
-If you choose a more specific genre you are more likely to appear since there probably won't be as many in that category.
-Rankings are done based on listener count. 
-If there is no music playing or it is paused, the broadcast won't show up.

How can I help get my broadcast on the Broadcasts page?
First, go to Preferences and make sure your Online Visibility is set to Public. To help make your broadcast show on the Broadcasts page, we suggest you stick around and keep broadcasting, as well as sharing your broadcast (Twitter, Facebook, direct URL) and asking your listeners to share. Also, to make your account look more personable, we suggest making sure your profile is filled out and include a profile picture. 

Would you like to have your broadcast featured on the Grooveshark homepage? Email and we can make it happen! 

Can I turn chat off during a broadcast?
Absolutely. There is a Chat On/Off button right underneath the chat box. This can be enabled at any time during the broadcast. You can also go to Edit > Settings to see the option to disable and enable chat.

Can I turn off user suggestions during a broadcast?
You want to run the show? No problem. When on your broadcast page, go to Edit > Settings > turn "Allow listeners to suggest music" to Off. This can be enabled at any time.

How do I stop broadcasting?
If you're on your broadcast page you can click "Stop". You can also click the drop down button on the broadcast button on your queue > Stop Broadcasting.

What happens when a broadcast ends?
If you are in a broadcast and the broadcaster leaves, the queue will finish playing any songs the broadcaster had in the queue. You can also go to Edit > Settings from your broadcast page and enable "Once all my songs have played, automatically play the top suggested song". 

Managing Suggestions:
- Click on the "+" symbol to approve it and have it added to your queue.
- Click the "x" to remove the suggestion.
- From within the Chat you can click the play button to preview & approve the suggestion or click the "x" to delete it.

What happens when my broadcast is over?
- approved suggestions play out (if enabled).
- radio begins from the genre tag you selected once those songs run out.
- listeners are prompted with a lightbox with other suggested broadcasts of the same genre.

How to join another user's broadcast:
- Go to their profile page and click "Join Broadcast" if they're broadcasting.
- Go to their broadcast page and click "Join". 
- Hover over their name on your side bar and if they are broadcasting, you'll see the option to join.

How do I get to the Broadcasts page to view other broadcasts?
- You can hover over "Grooveshark" in the top right and click "Broadcasts".
- Go to the homepage and choose you will see a section displaying a few of the top broadcasts. Click "See All" to go to the Broadcasts page.
- On the homepage there is a "Broadcasts" tab which takes you to the Broadcasts page.

If you experience any trouble streaming, please make sure your Flash and browser are up to date, try disabling extensions, clearing cache and refreshing. If you have any further trouble, email so we can help.

If another user is leaving inappropriate comments in a broadcast chat or on your profile, please take a screenshot of what was said then email with the screenshot and the URL to that user's profile. 

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