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Grooveshark VIP

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2015 04:50PM EDT
Grooveshark VIP is our premium-subscription service. You can upgrade your account, start a free trial, or purchase promo codes by heading to the Subscription page and clicking "Get Grooveshark VIP."



Benefits include:

  • No advertisements on Grooveshark.
  • Crossfade.
  • Access to Grooveshark app on Android and iOS (Jailbroken).
  • Priority email support from our friendly community support team!
  • Sneak peeks of our future redesigns on Grooveshark Preview every few months.
  • Extended space in your library and favorites lists.
  • 3 gift codes for a month of Grooveshark VIP for friends or family (limited to initial subscription and not valid on future VIP subscription purchases).
  • Access to Grooveshark Desktop app.



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