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Last Updated: Nov 17, 2014 04:42PM EST
**Are you having trouble enjoying your music on a Jellybean (Android 4.1+) device? Email with a brief description of the issue and include what kind of Android you are using. We will be happy to help.

**Do your songs play properly while using WIFI but just keep loading when using a 3G/4G connection? Try going to Settings > Play High Quality Files > Choose "Always". If the problem continues contact our support team at to further troubleshoot.

The Player
The player is where the magic happens. Here's a basic walkthrough of all of our player features:
Option tabs

This bar allows you to add the current song to your Favorites for easy access. You can also add the song to a playlist or share the song with your friends over a number of social media outlets!
The Player takes care of all of your basic music-playing needs. You can play, pause, or skip songs forwards and backwards, and activate the radio feature.
Grooveshark Radio is the perfect way to discover new music. If you want to turn it on or off, all you need to do is go to the "Now Playing" screen and toggle the Radio button.
Smiling & Frowning Songs

Anytime you have Grooveshark Radio enabled, there will be smile and frown buttons available on the player screen. Using these buttons to describe how you feel about a particular song will help us choose more songs that you like, and less that you don't!
The Queue
To access the Queue, slide the Queue menu up from the bottom of the screen. Here, you can edit the order of your current songs, enable Shuffle, or clear your Queue to start your experience anew. Pictured below is the Queue in edit mode.
To rearrange your Queue, tap Edit at the top and then either move songs by press-and-holding on the gray tab on the right side of the song cell, or delete them by tapping the red X on the album art. To exit edit mode, click the Edit button again.
The settings menu gives you access to all of the nuts and bolts of the app. This friendly FAQ is going to walk you through everything you can do with your settings to optimize your experience.





The account menu tells you what account you're logged in as and gives you the option to logout.
Grooveshark Mobile for Android allows you to cache songs to your phone so you can hear your favorite songs without the need to buffer. To cache songs, simply turn the song caching option ON from the Settings menu and any new listens will be stored in cache. With caching enabled, the songs you listened to don't have to buffer again the next time you listen to them.

If you ever want to delete the songs you have cached on your phone, choose the "Clear Song Cache" option. Note that cached songs are different from offline songs. If you choose to explicitly Offline a song, you can find the song in the Offline category and the song will appear in green.
If you'd like to take your Grooveshark listening information and add it to their data pool, enable scrobbling! 



Advanced Settings
Disable Screen Lock

When you're viewing the Now Playing screen, your screen won't lock by default. Disabling screen locks prevents the screen from locking allowing for quicker interaction with the application without the need to unlock it.
Prefer Lower Bitrate Files

If your internet connection is spotty and songs are taking a while to load, you should turn on this option to find songs that will be less resource-needy. These songs will be of a slightly lower quality though they will load faster.
Resume Offlining

If you previously tried offlining songs and they failed due to server troubles or limited connectivity, having this option enabled will cause the application to continue attempting to offline the songs when your connectivity improves.

These are options designed to help us help you when the app is having issues.
Send Crash Reports 

By enabling crash reporting, we are better able to figure out what went wrong in the application so we can fix it.

Enable Verbose Logging

This is an option that we'd prefer you kept disabled unless you're having a severe problem and our support team asks you to enable it. To learn more about Verbose Logging, please see the information below.





Here you can find our Help site, our Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, and our DMCA policy.
Show Tutorial

Check out our quick tutorial to learn the basics of the application!

This displays the current version of the application you are using. If you e-mail, it's always helpful to mention this number and the make and model of your phone!
Refreshing Your Collection
Press the Menu hardkey when you are in the Playlists or Favorites screens and you'll see the Refresh button appear in the bottom of the screen. Use the Refresh button to sync the application with the changes you made on the web!


Android Favorites

Offline Songs
Offline songs are those songs you have chosen to store locally using the "Make Available Offline" option, which can be found on the playlist or song info view screens. Here are screenshots to help.

Offline Playlist
Offline Song

Offlined songs are stored on your Android smartphone’s external storage, which could be either your internal (non-removable) storage or a removable storage media (such as an SD card), depending on your manufacturer. For more information please check out this Google documentation. You can delete your offline songs at the song info view and select Remove from Offline Songs.

Note:  Any songs that you have chosen to offline will still be available for cached playback while using Online Mode. Offline songs are marked green.
Offline mode is enabled by default if you are in an area with limited wireless coverage.  However, you can always enable this mode if you would like to conserve the amount of bandwidth you are using with the application.
Sending App Logs
If you've e-mailed our support team for help with your Android phone and they've asked you to "Enable Verbose Logging", follow these steps:

1. Enter the Grooveshark Settings menu. 
2. Under Logging options, choose to "Enable Verbose Logging" and continue to use the app
3. When the issue arises again, go to the Settings and press Send Logs.
4. Disable verbose logging.

After you send logs, reply to the support email we have sent you letting us know the email address associated with your Grooveshark mobile account, and we should be better able to help you.
Sprint Streaming & Offline Issues
Because Sprint attempts to proxy media streams made over cellular connections through their servers, playback with 3G/4G and offline songs might fail because of how Sprint's proxy conflicts with how the Grooveshark app plays music. The following work-around has been confirmed to work for many. Give it a try!

1. Go to phone dial and type ##3282# (there is no need to push call button after. If that did nothing restart your phone and try again)
2. Choose edit mode
3. Put in password. (You can get the password by calling Sprint and asking for MSL code, or password for ##3282#, they should give it to you.)
4. Choose Advanced
5. Change HTTP PD Proxy Port to: 0
6. Change HTTP PD Proxy Address to:

Refer to Sprint's forum for more info:

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