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Last Updated: Aug 21, 2014 12:42PM EDT
Grooveshark browser app on non-jailbroken Apple Devices
Check out on your mobile browser. Officially supported on iOS 5.1+ and Android 2.3.3+.

​Native Grooveshark App
Grooveshark Radio
Grooveshark Radio is a great way to discover new music, but it is not automatically active when you download the application. If you would like to turn the Radio function on, you've got a couple of options.
First, you can go to the Settings menu and under General slide the "Radio on by Default" button to "ON".


You can also activate the Radio function by going to the Now Playing screen and hitting the Radio button (which is located to the right of the player controls), toggling it on and off. 


Note: A song must be playing before Radio mode can be turned on, so that we've got some material to work with.
Anytime you have Grooveshark Radio enabled, there will be Smile and Frown buttons available on the player screen.  Using these buttons to describe how you feel about a particular song will help us choose more songs that you like, and less that you don't!


Editing Your Playlists
If you've added a song to one of your playlists or queue by accident and would like to remove it, we've made it easy for you to edit it in-app. To get to the queue, click on the 'Now Playing' button, then select the queue button at the top right of the screen. To get to your playlists, click on the 'Playlists' button, choose the playlist you'd like to edit, and follow the following steps.
Once you're in the queue, click the pencil icon in order to enter edit mode. 




To remove a song from the queue, click the red minus button. To move the song in the queue, click the three parallel lines to the right of the song title and drag the song to the desired position.




When you're finished editing the queue, click done and your queue will be set.
Application Settings
Radio on by Default

With this option enabled, Grooveshark Radio is turned on by default whenever you add music to your queue. Grooveshark will then add songs similar to those already playing to your Queue.


The "Logout" button allows you logout the username that is currently signed into Grooveshark Mobile. 

Preferred Quality
Content that is uploaded to Grooveshark is transcoded into a file that is optimized for mobile streaming. If you would prefer to listen to non-transcoded, full quality audio streams you can enable the "Prefer High Bitrate" option.

Be warned, enabling this option will increase the amount of time it takes for a song to buffer within the application.

Notifications are triggered by certain interactions with the app to provide feedback for your actions. If you are bothered by these notifications, you can toggle them on or off here.

You can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your Grooveshark account here. This enables you to share your favorite music with friends over the two social networks.

Application Mode

This mode is enabled by default if you are in an area with limited wireless coverage. However, you can always enable this mode if you would like to conserve the amount of bandwidth you are using with the application.

Note:  Any songs that you have chosen to store locally will still be available for cached playback while using Online Mode.  Cached songs are marked with a green arrow to the right of the song name.
Offline Storage
The Offline Storage slider allows you to choose how much of your phone's memory you would like to devote to storing offline content from Grooveshark.  The more space you allocate, the more songs you can cache to your phone!
Clear All Offline Music
This button deletes any and all songs that have been made available for offline playback using Grooveshark Mobile.  
To clear all of your offlined music, click the Settings button in the main menu, then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the button. 
Saving Your Queue
To save your queue as a playlist, click the 'Now Playing' button then select the button in the top right corner.




From the queue, click the icon that looks like a floppy disk in order to save the songs in your queue as a playlist.



Enter the name of the playlist you'd like to make, then click 'Done'.
Creating Playlists
Tapping on 'Playlists' will list all of your pre-existing playlists, as well as give you the option to create a new playlist. To create a new playlist, press the + button at the bottom of the screen.



After naming your playlist, you can easily add songs to it. 


Add Songs to an Existing Playlist
To add songs to an existing playlist, start by searching for a song you'd like to add, then tap on it to reveal the Song Menu. 



Then choose the 'Add to Playlist' option, choose a playlist, and your song will have a playlist to call home.


Offlining Songs
Enabling "Offline Mode" allows you to access the songs you have chosen to store locally.  This mode is enabled by default if you are in an area with limited wireless coverage.  However, you can always enable this mode if you would like to conserve the amount of bandwidth you are using with the application.
Offlining Individual Songs using the Swipe Menu
To Offline an individual song, search for the song you'd like to Offline, swipe the tab to reveal the additional options, then click the downward-pointing arrow to offline the song.



A green progress bar will come up; when it disappears, your song is offlined and ready to play everywhere, regardless of coverage.


Note: To offline a song in the Player/Queue you can swipe and click on the 'i' icon at the end of the menu. That will bring you into the Song Menu where you can tap on the "Make Available Offline" icon.


Offlining Albums, Playlists, and Favorites
To offline a Playlist, click the Playlists button in the main menu, then select the Playlist you'd like to offline. You'll see the same downward-pointing arrow at the bottom of the screen.


Click it, and multiple progress bars will pop-up. Each song is now Offlining individually.


The Offlining process is the same for Albums and your Favorites.

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