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Last Updated: Aug 21, 2014 12:32PM EDT
Adding Songs to Collection & Favorites
Grooveshark users can store up to 5,000 songs in Collection and 500 in their Favorites. Users who have a Grooveshark VIP subscription are allowed 50,000 songs in their Collection and 5,000 Favorites. We recently updated the notification you receive when trying to add songs over this limit. This is not a new limitation, only a new notification.
To add songs to Collection or Favorites from Search, click the check icon or heart icon, respectively. 

To add music from your Current Songs, click the down arrow that appears on the album art for the individual song and select "Add to Collection" or "Add to My Favorites." 

You may also add all of the songs in your Current Songs to Collection by clicking the disk icon and selecting "Add to Collection." 
Selecting Multiple Songs
You can select multiple songs by clicking the first song in the list of songs you want to add, then hold down the Shift key and select the last song you want to add. The first, last, and all songs in between will be selected. Right-clicking on any of these songs will allow you to affect the whole group of songs by, for example, adding them all to Collection.
Remove Songs From Collection & Favorites
Removing a song from Collection or Favorites requires the same steps as adding a song. Clicking the green check mark or heart icon will remove a song from Collection or Favorites, respectively. Songs may also be removed from either My Music or Favorites by clicking the down arrow (the same method used to add songs). Favorited songs that are removed from My Music are removed from Favorites as well.
Sorting Songs
Sorting songs in Collection and Favorites is easy. Just click the "Sort by Date Added" button at the top of the Collection or Favorites page to select your preferred sorting method.

Other ways to sort songs is to click the Song, Artist, Album, or Track row header at the top of the list to sort by the selected method. Both of these methods also allow for Playlist sorting.
Use these keyboard shortcuts to be a power user:
Spacebar – play/pause
CTRL+left – previous song
CTRL+right – next song
CTRL+up – volume up
CTRL+down – volume down
The Pinboard
The Pinboard can only be found on Retro Grooveshark. You will see it on your Collection page with a quick list of all your favorite songs, Playlists, and Radio Stations. To add a Playlist or Radio Station to the Pinboard you can click the + icon next to the Pinboard name and select the appropriate option. You may also add songs and Playlists to the Pinboard by right-clicking the song or Playlist name and selecting "Pin to Collection." 
**The Pinboard has been removed from the new Grooveshark design. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please consider using Retro Grooveshark to save your pinned items to your account. Pinned items will not automatically be moved into your Collection, Favorites or Playlists once Retro is no longer available.**
Your Music on Grooveshark
Through our uploader, you can upload and listen to the music on your computer while on Grooveshark. All music you upload should be added to your Collection section. The Uploader is available by clicking Upload from the left side of the Collection page. Our minimum accepted filesize is 128kbps and we ask that any uploaded content complies with our Terms of Service
The Explore page of Grooveshark displays new featured artists, playlists, and videos from Grooveshark Sessions. 
The Popular page is a list of the most-played songs on Grooveshark. If it's popular, it's found here.
To turn enable the Radio feature, click on "Queue" in the bottom left of Grooveshark, then choose "Turn Radio On". 

If you don't like a song the radio chooses for you, simply hit the :( button in the corner of the song box or right click on the song to click "Nah, skip it" and you won't hear that artist again in this radio session. If you really like a song, hit the :) button or right click to hear "More of this!" to hear more of that artist and artists like them.
Using Grooveshark's Community feature, you can also see what songs your friends have been listening to lately, and play any of their favorite songs and albums with the click of your mouse. To find what your friends have been listening to, go to Grooveshark and click the "Community" tab. Don't have any friends on Grooveshark? Invite some!

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