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Last Updated: Mar 24, 2015 08:57PM EDT
How do I create a playlist?
Playlists make it easy to quickly bring up a list of your favorite songs or collection of genres. Playlists can contain up to 2500 songs. Playlists may be created by clicking the Create Playlist button your Playlists page. You may also click "New Playlist" in the sidebar under "Your Playlists."

How do I add songs to a playlist from search
To add songs to a Playlist from search results, click the Add to ... icon, selecting the Playlist you wish to add the song to. 
To add individual songs from your queue to a Playlist, drag the songs from the queue to the playlist or hover the song and click the More Options icon (...). You may add the currently playing song in the player by clicking the "Add to" icon.

You may also add all of the songs in your queue to a Playlist by clicking the Queue menu > Save Songs > Save as Playlist.


How do I remove song(s) a playlist?
You may remove multiple songs from a playlist by opening the playlist, highlighting the song(s) and selecting "Remove" in the song grid. Here's a screenshot to help.

NOTE: You can group select multiple song rows. There are three types of group selection.

1) Individually selecting multiple songs. Hold the the command key (Mac OS X) or cntrl key (Windows OS) and click the song rows you'd like to select.

2) Select consecutive group of songs. Select the first song row you'd like, scroll to the final song row, hold the Shift key and click the final row. Now your consecutive song group will be selected. This is a good tool to use if you are only trying to select a consecutive portion of songs from a larger list. For example, if you only want to select songs #15-40 from a playlist.

3) Select all songs. To select all songs, select any song row in the list and hold the cntrl + a. This will select all rows in the list. Use then when you'd like to select all songs on a page.
How do I import a playlist into Grooveshark?

You can use Groovylists to export your Spotify,, and iTunes playlists to Grooveshark. If you have any questions about Groovylists, please email Tommie Podzemski at


How do I backup a playlist?
Check out to export your Playlist into a text file format. 

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