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Last Updated: Oct 09, 2013 11:36AM EDT
Can I download music to my iPod or MP3 player?
Grooveshark is a site for streaming your favorite music, not downloading.

However, almost every song on Grooveshark is available for purchase from either Amazon MP3 or the iTunes Store. Purchase the desired song by opening the options menu (by right clicking on any song) and selecting "Buy Song".
How do I download the Grooveshark app for my Android devices?
Since we're no longer distributed through Google Play, we make the app available to you from  Enabling "Unknown Sources" will allow your phone to install the Grooveshark app for Android.  This option can usually be found under the phone's Application page within Settings.  However the location could vary based on your phone's version of Android. 
What do I do if I couldn't find the "Unknown Sources" option on my Android devices?
Some carriers do not support installing from sources other than Google Play. There are two ways to enable your device so you could install the Grooveshark application for Android:

1. Contact your carrier for the patch to enable the option for Unknown Sources.

2. If you're feeling tech savvy, download the Sideload Wonder Machine.

When will Grooveshark be creating an app for Windows Phone?
Unfortunately, Grooveshark does not plan on creating an application for the Windows Phone platform. We're sorry for the inconvenience. 

However, you may use a simplified version of Grooveshark at
Does Grooveshark use my network when playing offline songs?
Yes, when you're connected to the internet, even while playing offlined songs, Grooveshark will still make small network requests to report playback status to Grooveshark's servers. This is an extremely small amount of data and should not amount to much usage on a monthly basis. 

You can completely stop all network traffic from the app by enabling "Offline Mode" from Settings. While in offline mode, you can only play offlined songs, and the app will store any network requests it needs to send until you return from offline mode, at which time any queued network requests will be sent.
Why are my songs loading slowly?
If a track is loading slowly for you, try the following:
1. Make sure you are getting a strong signal and are running on a 3G, 4G, or WiFi connection.

    Note:Using the application on EDGE is not recommended. 
2. Go to the Settings icon and turn the "Prefer High Bitrate" option off. 

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