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Last Updated: Mar 11, 2014 04:32PM EDT
What is Flattr?

Flattr is a social micro-donation system that offers users a unique way to contribute to great web content, including the artists they love on Grooveshark. We've integrated with Flattr to provide a new and innovative way for fans to support their favourite artists!


Signup for Flattr for more information and to get started. Read more about Flattr here.

How does Flattr Work?

Signing up for Flattr is free.


Signing up for Flattr is free. But to give money to creators (like artists on Grooveshark) you of course need to add some funds. When done you choose how big you want your monthly budget to be. It’s the amount of money used monthly to support creators. If you add 12 euros and have 3 as monthly budget it will last 4 months. Once your funds run out, you will be notified via email. At the end of the month, your monthly rate is evenly distributed to those things that you flattr'd within that month.

Why Euros (€)?

Flattr is based in Europe and the Euro is the largest European currency. Flattr provides dollar ($) conversions that are displayed alongside the Euro equivalent. You don’t need to care about currency conversion as Flattrs payment providers fixes that for you. Any credit card or PayPal account works.

What is a Flattr Thing?

A Flattr Thing is what users flattr. It is essentially a URL, an address that uniquely identifies a "thing." A Flattr account can claim multiple URLs or "things."

For artists on Grooveshark, we are using MusicBrainz artist URLs. Flattr'ing an artist on Grooveshark increments the number of flattrs given to a MusicBrainz artist URL.

What is MusicBrainz? Visit MusicBrainz for more information.

How do I Flattr an artist on Grooveshark?

We provide a super simple way to flattr just by listening to music. Connect your Flattr accounts in the Grooveshark settings and enable our "Listen and Flattr". When done, any "flattr-able" artist that you listen to will automatically be flattred when you have listen to one track. Currently, you can flattr an artist on Grooveshark once a month.

Will artists really get the money?

We know there have been several attempts to collect money for creators that have not yet agreed to receive it. This approach has been proven to be a poor model. Flattr has understood this and built their system to handle it. On Grooveshark that means that until the artist have agreed to receive the money and we have connected them to their Musicbrainz ID, all flattrs are pending. A pending flattr becomes real the very instant the creator signs up. This makes it possible for fans to show they want to support artists without allocating funds before the artist is ready to receive them.

Many of the Flattr things on Grooveshark are unclaimed. Some may never be claimed. This will be an on-going process to get these things into the right hands. In the meantime, flattrs can start accruing prior to the claiming of the things. You can easily see if the flattr is pending as the button will then say “Pending” after you flattred. A list of all your flattrs (including pending) can be found in the Flattrs tab of your dashboard.

A user can only flattr an unclaimed thing once until it is claimed and the pending flattr will stay pending until the artist signs up.

The artists that have claimed their accounts will split your full monthly budget and 90% of the money goes to the artist.

What is a Flattrable Artist on Grooveshark?

For artists on Grooveshark, we are using MusicBrainz artist URLs. We've mapped many but not all artists to MusicBrainz artist URLs. This will be an on-going process. Artists can only be flattred on Grooveshark if we have the MusicBrainz URL for that artist.

Why use Flattr and MusicBrainz?

Grooveshark has chosen a model that can work across many digital music platforms. The decision to use Flattr and MusicBrainz is the result of our open music philosophy and part of an effort to create an open standard for contributing to artists.

What is Listen and Flattr?

By connecting your Grooveshark and Flattr accounts, you can opt in to our "Listen and Flattr" feature. When this feature is enabled, any "flattr-able" artist that you listen to will automatically be flattr’d upon 30 seconds of listening. Connect your accounts by visiting the settings page upon logging in.

I'm an artist. How do I claim my artist URL?

A Flattr Thing is a URL. For artists on Grooveshark, we are using MusicBrainz artist URLs. Artists can only be flattr’d on Grooveshark if we have the MusicBrainz URL for that artist. 

If your artist isn't already on MusicBrainz, create an account and then add your artist

Once you have a MusicBrainz account and artist set up, send us your MusicBrainz URL and we'll take care of the rest.

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