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  • Error Loading Song

    If you are receiving this error message when attempting to play a song, there are a couple of possibilities as to the cause.

    To determine which of these problems you're facing, please follow these steps.

    1. Does every song error or just a specific song? If every song errors, proceed to 2. If only a specific song errors, please email with the song URL. You may find the song the URL by hovering the song row. Here's a screenshot to help.

    2. Does the song error immediately or does a small portion of the song play then error? If immediate, proceed to 3. If a small portion of the song plays before the error, this could be an issue with malware installed on the computer. Malwarebytes is a free program that will scan and remove malware from your system. 

    3. If the song errors immediately, please test Grooveshark from a different computer or network/connection to help isolate and then email with the results.

    Note: If you are having generic connection issues, the best way to resolve this problem is to go into the Preferences tab within Settings and enable the 'Stream Smaller Songs' option:


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  • Grooveshark Is Not Functioning Properly

    If you are encountering issues with Grooveshark such as display or responsiveness issues, we ask that you please clear your Internet browser's file cache. Please note, this may cause your account preferences to be removed. 

    We have included video tutorials below for the most common browsers on Windows & Mac to assist you. 


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  • Can't Login Via Facebook

    Unfortunately, we no longer support login with Facebook. If you previously relied on Facebook to access your Grooveshark account, please refresh Retro Grooveshark and then click the Facebook login button as normal and then specify your Grooveshark username or email address. We will send you an email to help reset your password and provide your login credentials.

    A window prompting you to specify your Grooveshark username or email address.

    If you know your Grooveshark password, click "I have a Grooveshark password" and type it in. (Or, when using the new design just enter it in manually after clicking "Sign In".)

    If you don't know your Grooveshark password, simply click Continue after typing in your Grooveshark username or email address and we'll email you further instructions.

    If you have any questions at all, please email us and we'll be happy to help.

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  • Skipping and Reporting Ads

    Grooveshark is a free, ad-supported service that relies on a variety of creatives to keep our service running, and constantly improving. 

    We do our best to keep Grooveshark free of advertisements that detract from your listening experience. Unfortunately, low-quality ads can still slip through. If you encounter an advertisement that detracts from your Grooveshark experience, please click the "Skip Ad" link beneath the ad to report it. In the description field please include the ad’s brand. 


    You may also report an ad by letting us know the info below and sending an email to

    1. Brand - Please tell us the brand that is being advertised.
    2. Your Location - Lets us know what city you are in.
    3. Screenshot - If you can, please attach a screenshot of the ad ( Pictures make everything easier.
    4. URL - If you know the ad’s redirecting URL it would greatly assist our team in tracking it down. However, please do not click on the ad if you do not feel comfortable doing so.

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  • Submitting Bug Reports

    There are multiple ways to submit bugs. While you're already here on the help site, just click the "Email Support" button directly to the right and select "Bug Report" from the "Type of Question" menu.

    If you are a VIP subscriber, you can also file bugs without leaving Grooveshark by clicking the Feedback button on the bottom right of the Grooveshark page.

    Grooveshark VIP subscribers may also click on the gear icon in the sidebar to access Feedback.  

    Non VIP users can click on the gear icon and select "Help" to go our Help Site. Here you can review help articles and contact us if needed (via the Email Support button). Fill out the form and our friendly team of Support ninjas will get back to you as soon as possible.

    You can also email directly.

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  • Grooveshark Doesn't Work At The Office

    If Grooveshark or the desktop application won't load in your office due to a public firewall, contact your IT guy or gal and ask them to unblock Grooveshark.

    Be sure to let them know that the website and desktop application operate on standard http/https ports (80/443). You will also need to have access to * and * for everything to work smoothly.
    If you are asked to provide specific subdomains, these should cover it:

 over port 443 and port 80 over port 443 and port 80 over port 443 and port 80 over port 443 and port 80 over port 443 and port 80
    For additional assistance, please send an email to

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  • Uploaded Songs Are Not Appearing

    Uploads may take up to 24 hours before appearing on Grooveshark. If you’ve tried to upload songs and they aren’t appearing on the Grooveshark, please try the following
    1) Close Grooveshark in your Internet browser.
    2) Check your Adobe Flash Player settings by clicking here.
    3) Click “Delete all sites” (this will clear your flash cookies)
    4) Close and reopen your browser.

    After completing these steps, try uploading your music again and it should appear on Grooveshark within 24 hours.

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  • Song Info Is Incorrect

    You can flag any song that will not play, skips, is low-quality, mislabeled, contains racist or hateful lyrics, or has the wrong album art.

    Just click the "More Options" icon (...) in the Grooveshark player or queue. This will send the information to our team. We are working to add Flag Song to all song rows. Currently, it is only available from the player or queue tiles. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

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  • Sending A Mobile Crash Report

    We regret to inform you that we are no longer actively developing for Blackberry. You can continue to use the application if you already have it installed, but no future updates will be made available. If you have any questions or would like a refund, please contact us at

    Did the app just crash in the middle of your favorite song? Send us a crash report so we can try to fix the underlying problem. After sending us your crash report, be sure to email us at letting us know of the crash.

    To enable crash reporting:
    Android & iPhone

    Your Grooveshark app will automatically send us crash info every time it crashes, just be sure to email us at letting us know of the crash.

    1. Log into the Grooveshark app in Online mode, press the Menu button and click About in the bottom of the menu.

    2. Pressing Bug Report will send us your UserID, phone model and operating system as well as the error messages we need to identify and fix any problems you encountered. 

    1. Go to C:/data/images and locate the log.txt file.

    2. Delete this file before running our application and attempting reproduce the problem.

    3. As soon as the error is reproduced, exit the application. A new log file will be created in the C:/data/images directory.

    4. Go back to C:/data/images, copy the log.txt file, and email it to us at

    If you are not able to log in to your device for some reason, please fill out this quick form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Be sure to include your phone model and carrier.

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  • Blackberry Support

    We regret to inform you that we are no longer actively developing for Blackberry. You can continue to use the application if you already have it installed, but no future updates will be made available. If you have any questions or would like a refund, please contact us at

    Having connection problems with the BlackBerry app?  Please try the following:

    1) Hit the Blackberry button from the Grooveshark search screen.

    2) Choose Settings.

    3) Change your transport type. To learn more about transport types, click here.

    4) Hit the "Back" button, choose "Save", exit and restart the app.

    Depending on your carrier, you may need to put in an APN settings for Direct TCP/IP. Click here for more info.
    NOTE: Sprint, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, and other CDMA carriers do not have an APN setting.
    Unable to Download the Grooveshark Application
    If you are unable to download the Grooveshark application for Blackbery from it is mostly likely a problem caused by our website not identifying your device as a mobile phone.

    To correct this issue:
    1. Use the generic Blackberry browser.
    2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the download page and find a link that says 'Mobile'. Clicking on it should redirect you to the correct page.
    The Grooveshark Application Won't Open
    If your correctly installed Grooveshark app for Blackberry but it doesn't open, it's likely that you need to make some changes to the Firewall or Permissions on your Blackberry.

    You will have to start by temporarily disabling Blackberry's firewall.
    1. Go to Options->Security Options->Firewall, and set the Status to Disabled.
    Then you will have to set all Grooveshark permissions to "Allow" by completing the following:
    1. Please open your phone's Settings and go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications > Grooveshark.

    2. Press the menu button and select Edit Permissions.

    3. Press the menu button again, and select Reset Firewall Prompts.

    4. For Connections, select Allow.

    5. For Interactions, select Allow.

    6. For User Data, select Allow.

    7. At the bottom of this same screen there is a 'Grooveshark' module. Ensure Connections, Interactions, and User Data are all set to Allow here too. If not, be sure to review steps 4-6 again.

    8. Press the menu button and select Save. 

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  • Unable to Log In with Google or Twitter

    Please click here to access the password reset form. This will enable us to assign a unique Grooveshark password to your account.

    Once you have this password, you can change it to whatever you like by accessing the Password tab in Settings and entering a new password of your choice.

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  • Grooveshark Refund Policy

    Grooveshark VIP subscriptions are final and non-refundable, except in our sole and absolute discretion. We reserve the right to suspend or remove any Grooveshark membership at any time or for any reason. If, for some reason, your account is suspended or deleted, you will be provided notification but you will lose and forfeit the remaining time on your subscription.

    If you have signed up for an automatically-renewing subscription, you will have the ability to cancel any future renewals. If you have questions, feel free to contact us using this quick form.

    It is your sole and absolute responsibility to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your username and password, and understand that Escape Media Group, Inc. holds no responsibility for any damage or incidence relating to the mistreatment or misuse of your account.

    Please note: Payments for premium subscriptions are processed by third party service provider(s). In addition to these Terms of Service, subscription transactions may be subject to such service provider’s terms & conditions and privacy policy.

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  • Upload Restrictions

    In order to protect our users and maintain DMCA compliance, we are required to remove upload privileges from a user if any of the content they upload is removed via a DMCA takedown request.  

    Unfortunately, it is not legally possible for us to reinstate upload privileges after they have been removed.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  You can find more information about Grooveshark's DMCA compliance here.

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  • Audio Format and Bit Rate on Grooveshark

    All sound files uploaded to Grooveshark are transcoded into an MP3 file with a minimum Bit rate of 128 kbps.

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  • Grooveshark and Javascript

    Grooveshark requires Javascript to run. Please enable Javascript by following the steps below:
    Firefox (Windows)

    1. From the Tools menu, click Options.

    2. Click the Content tab.

    3. Check the box next to Enable JavaScript.

    4. Click OK.
    Firefox (Mac)

    1. In your browser's Firefox menu, click Preferences.

    2. Click the Content tab.

    3. Check the box next to Enable JavaScript.

    4. Click OK.
    Google Chrome (Mac)

    1. In your browser's Chrome menu, click Preferences.

    2. Click the tab Under the Hood.

    3. Select "Allow All Sites to run Javascript" from the Javascript section.

    Internet Explorer 7+
    1. In your browser's Tools menu, click Internet Options.

    2. Click the Security tab.

    3. Click the Custom Level button.

    4. Scroll down until you find the section called Scripting.

    5. In the Scripting section, click the Enable button under Active Scripting.

    6. Click OK, then OK again.

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  • Grooveshark System Requirements

    Grooveshark requires a minimum of Adobe Flash 9 in order to run.

    The hardware requirements are as follows:

    1.4 GHz Processor

    256 MB RAM

    1024 x 768 minimum resolution

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  • Inability to access Grooveshark from Germany

    Due to the excessive cost of operation, Grooveshark discontinued access from Germany on January 18, 2012. 

    Feel free to write to us if you have any questions. If you are a premium subscriber, please contact our billing team to arrange a refund for any time remaining on your subscription.
    If you'd like to help lower the cost of operation for services like Grooveshark, you can contact GEMA:
    Postal Mail:
    Bayreuther Straße 37
    10787 Berlin
    Postfach 30 12 40
    10722 Berlin
    +49 30 21245-00

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  • Unable to log in on IE

    If you receive the error message "Something went wrong while logging in" please complete the steps below in Internet Explorer and try again.  Please note this process will clear your Settings in Internet Explorer.

    1. Open Internet Explorer
    2. Press Alt+X (Tools)
    3. Select Internet Options
    4. Select Advanced 
    5. Click the Reset button
    6. Check Delete Personal Settings and then click Reset again. 
    7. Click Close in the dialog box. 
    8. Restart your computer and try again.
    Still not entirely sure what to do?  Click here to watch a video that will walk you through the process!

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  • Flash Errors

    Adobe's most recent Flash release (11.3) included a "protected mode" that has been causing issues in Firefox 4.0 and above as well as Internet Explorer.  As a result of this, some users have received error messages that a Flash blocker is enabled or have experienced songs stuttering or playback failing entirely.  If you are experiencing either of these issues, please try the following:
    1. Test Grooveshark from a different web browser -- we recommend Google Chrome (Download Chrome here).
    2. Uninstall Flash (11.3) and revert to a previous version of Flash (Click here for a list of previous versions of Flash).
    If you are interested in more technical details regarding issues with the latest Adobe update, here's a spiffy article with more info!

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  • Uploading from Chrome

    Java 7 and Chrome on Mac OS X and Linux

    Chrome does not support Java 7 on the Mac or Linux platforms. A 64-bit browser (Safari or Firefox, for example) is required to run Java 7 on Mac OS X. 32-bit browsers such as Chrome do not support Java 7 on the Mac platform. Firefox is the recommended browser for Java on Linux.

    More Info:

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