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Grooveshark Artists

  • Creating Your Grooveshark Artist Account

    New User/ Sign Up

    Uploading an artist or band photo.
    • ​Click the Edit Profile button located at the top of your Artist Dashboard.
    • Select Upload Image and choose the picture that best represents the artist or band.
    • Finalize the process by clicking Save Artist at the bottom right corner of the lightbox.
    Linking to your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Profile, or band website.
    • Click the Edit Profile button located at the top of your Artist Dashboard.
    • Select the Links tab at the top of the page.
    • Input your URLs and select Save Artist.

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  • Uploading, Editing, and Arranging Your Music

    How to create a new album?
    • Click the Upload Songs button located at the top of the Dashboard.
    • When the lightbox entitled 'Uploading to Grooveshark' appears, select the Make New Album button located in the bottom left of the page.
    • Input album information and select the Create and Continue button.
    • Select the tracks that belong to the album you are attempting to upload.
    • Fill out track information for the songs you are uploading and select Continue.
    • Album has been successfully created.
    How to add songs to an existing album.
    • Click the Upload Songs button located at the top of the Dashboard.
    • Choose an existing album from the list.
    • Upload your tracks by clicking Select Songs and then click Continue.
    • Fill out the track information.
    • Enjoy!
    How to edit/add album art.
    • ​Click View Artist Profile, located next to your artist profile picture.
    • Head to your Albums tab located at the top of the page.
    • Click on the name of the album you would like to edit.
    • Choose the Edit Album button.
    • Upload a photo and save!

    I am having issues managing my music.

    My songs did not upload.
    If your songs do not show up within 24 hours, please try uploading one more time! If they still do not appear, just send an email to with your artist name and our friendly support team can help get your songs on the site.
    Only some of my songs were uploaded.
    Please make sure that your mp3's ID3 metadata are correct, since we group together songs based on their ID3 tags. If you need help with this, you can ask for help at and we'll help you fix the problem.
    My uploaded songs aren't showing up in a Grooveshark search.
    Typically it takes up to 48 hours for your songs become searchable on Grooveshark after you upload them. If two days have passed and they are still not visible, then let us know at and we'll fix it immediately.
    My band or label’s music is on Grooveshark, who should I talk to?
    If you own the rights to music that has been uploaded to Grooveshark without your permission, ayou can have it removed by using our handy DMCA  takedown form, however, we highly recommend that you contact us first to talk about ways that Grooveshark can fairly compensate you for your music! Grooveshark has an Artists Team that is devoted entirely to interacting with artists and labels. Just send us an email at and we will help you with whatever you need.

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  • Artist Promotions

    Maximize Your Artist Account

    With more than 24 million monthly users, Grooveshark serves as an access point for fans, a marketing hub for artists, and an operations center for managers, labels, and agencies. Grooveshark has helped thousands of musicians tap into new audiences worldwide by offering unique artist-to-fan interactive experiences.



    Grooveshark Broadcast is a revolutionary new feature created to change how people share and discover music and audio content online. Broadcast enables anyone, anywhere in the world the ability to instantly create their own "viral radio" show, and share exactly what they're listening to with a live audience.


    Broadcasters are the most powerful tastemakers on Grooveshark, and Broadcast listeners are the most engaged and active users on the site.


    Artists have used Broadcast in a variety of ways:

    • Album release
    • Album/track premiere
    • Custom mix for Broadcasts
    • Curated playlist for Broadcasts
    • Special events

    To learn more about how you can use Broadcast to promote your music and meet new fans, please contact


    Free Artist Tools

    Don't forget about all of the Free artist tools you now have access to as an artist on Grooveshark:

    • Analytics: Track song plays, listeners, favorites and more on your Artist Dashboard.
    • Widgets: Create customizable, embeddable widgets to share your music on social media.
    • Unlimited Hosting: Upload as much music as you’d like to Grooveshark.
    • Worldwide Access: Access a fan base from around the globe: Grooveshark is available in more than 180 countries!



    Promotional Campaigns

    Grooveshark offers Site Skins and Banner ad promotions for artists with a minimum purchase. For more information about how to run a promotion with Grooveshark, please contact

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  • Listener Feedback

    What is listener feedback?
    Users can leave feedback on your artist page, song pages and album pages whenever and however they like! Comments and Activity in the right sidebar of every page encourage fans to create or join a discussion about the artist or the music. This is one of the easiest ways to find out how users feel about your music! Artists are encouraged to join in on the discussion -- artists can respond to comments or post updates to fans within the Artist Dashboard.

    How do I get listener feedback?
    If you are looking for more feedback on your artist, album, or a particular track, you can run a Radio campaign with Grooveshark. This will insert your music into a listeners queue behind popular similar artists, and prompt listeners for feedback on the track. This is an easy way to boost exposure and immediately gauge fan response to a track or album.

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  • Getting Started Tips for Artists

    Upload Music

    Uploading your songs to Grooveshark lets fans find, play and share your music.
    From your dashboard, click the "Upload Songs" button:
    Upload Songs Help
    Create a new album, or add songs to an existing album.  Make sure all the album and song information is correct.

    Verify Songs

    You can change the details for songs already on Grooveshark to help listeners find your music.
    To view your songs, click the "Song" tab at the top of your dashboard.
    Edit your songs and verify that the information is correct.

    Share Music

    Sharing updates and new music is a great way to keep your fans listening.  To post updates, click the "Post to Fans" button on your dashboard:
    Post to Fans Button

    You can attach songs and add a message that will be shared with all of your fans:
    Post a message to your fans

    You can share specific albums and songs on Grooveshark and social media.  Visiting the album or song page, and click the "Share" button.

    You can also use our other free share tools, such as TinySong, which creates micro-links of your songs to share on Twitter or Facebook, or our widgets, which allow you to share tracks on blogs and websites.

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  • Deleting or Disowning Songs

    Delete Song(s)

    You may remove a song from Grooveshark by going to Artist Dashboard>Songs>Edit Song>Remove Song>Delete>Confirm Delete. 

    Disown Song(s)

    You may disown a song from your artist page by going to Artist Dashboard>Songs>Edit Song>Remove Song>Disown>Confirm Delete.


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